IMXpro 3.0

IMXpro is an image processing software based on a database
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IMXpro is an image processing software based on a database, that allows to store images and relating texts easily to provide you with documentations. It is suitable for image processing, viewing and analysis.
Control via framegrabber, flexible access through WDM-drivers respectively Video for Windows®; requires DirectX® 9.0 or higher
Object oriented image processing
Network Video Streaming: sends the live-image as a videostream into the local Network or into the Internet
Overlay of text, scales and images directly onto the liveimage
Image Merging: resulting in one sharp image out of a variable number of images with different focus levels and creation of a 3D-image !
Load and save images in nearly all current formats
Video Capture: record and save the live-image as a video
3D techniques via latest OpenGL® technologies
support for windows-clipboard
Statistic module for failure analysis
Integrated (picture) reference database with hirarchical filter levels
Project management
DBISAM® database technologies used
Network license on demand
Thumbnail overview

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